Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Steam boat

Its the first time we having steamboat at my condo (16 Aug 08). I was planning a drinking festival, but my bro suggested a steamboat.

Well, it sound great for me. So, we end up shopping at carrefour for goods for our steamboat party.

The whole plan from zero to hero in only 2 hour. Lucky it end out very satisfying and tasty. We can done better if we plan properly, not last minute planning. DUH~~

YUMMY, Tom Yam flavor.

I'm on the magazine

I was really surprised that my name mentioned on the BTDM magazine (Feb 2008 issue). I was told by a 'friend' from friendster, SURPRISE again.

Actually he wasn't on my friend list before this, how could he possiblly know me?? Am i that famous??

Okay, cut it! Well to be frankly, it was my second time handling the Steyr AUG rifle, the first time was a bad experience, got 20+ over 70 bullets, yuack! Fail in shooting.

To my surprise the second time i handle Steyr, its much easier to manuever and i even take off my glasses, the optical scope work perfectly even with shortsights. Forgot bout my point but manage to overcame all of my comrades and got the 'medal'.

Well, hope to try on the Steyr again. :)


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.
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