Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crytals everywhere!

27 Sept 2008, the day i revisit Bukit Tabur after 4 years. Bukit Tabur also known as Crytal Hill is famous for its a quartz / limestone formation. You can see the 'minerals' all the way up. Some even in perfect quartz shape as shown on pic above.

This hill take bout 3-4 hours to get to the top, have a spectacular view over the Klang Gates Dam, and Kuala Lumpur concrete forest.

The challenges of this hill is the steep cliffs, where you need to climb it in "spider man" style, some got ropes.

We start the journey bout o736, reach the peak bout 0940. I carrying a backpack with watermelon and drinking water, weighting bout 6kg. Open the melon on the peak with my new benet (AK-47 replica benet).

Very relax and easy trip at Bukit Tabur, meet new friends either. Hope can try it again.


Janus Lu said...

Wow! That sure a nice experience! Just 1 question, is the visitor allow to take the crystal there? From your pict I find that those crystals look beautiful!

Becky said...

Hi there, Janus.
Sorry for my late reply, din log in my blog for months.
Yes, u can take the crystal, but i not taking it coz dun wan to spoil beauties of the quartz.

Janus Lu said...

I see, if I were there, I might take some to home as souvenir, just take the small piece only, hahaha...!

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