Friday, November 21, 2008

Big Boss Emble (BBE)

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I'm a fan of Metal Gear Solid, since the 1st series. Missed the second episode though but the third one was my favourite.

As for MGS4, i facinated by the graphic. PS3 running on blueray disc, and the graphic is breathtakingly real, the texture n color is totally outstanding. I played this game for the fifth time, obviously the fifth attempt is to get this Big Boss Emblem. The most difficult emblem to get, one must complete the game in The Boss Extreme mode with no alert, no kill, no continue, no special item used, no health item used, and also must complete the game under 5 hours.

Although my time is 4:27, but in reality i took more than that, all those failure attempt must be deleted by exiting the game and load from last saved file. Troublesome, but its worth, atleast for me :)

After acquired the BBE, you unlock a facepaint of Big Boss from Act 3, which is burnt n skinless. Which will scare all the hell out of anyone who see this face, hehehe, i start the 6th game juz for fun n test the face, well it's fun to see those enemy who freak out after seeing this face, they drop their weapon n scream like hell, and they won't attack. Hahaha, so funny.

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Janus Lu said...

I love Metal Gear Solid also, but I am the one who enjoy watch my bro playing, I am noob into this kind of game...Not to mention the game illustration, the artist style is my favourite! Cool!
So you got PS3??? My friend told me right now PS3 got no pirate games to play, plus the price is high in the market...

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