Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Digicam Experiment #1

Photoshooting is my new hobby, not really good with it but i try to learn and get better shot without any photoshop. The digicam been used is Canon powershot A400, with sunlight. Experimenting with different exposure, and different background.

The setting:
ISO: 100
Light source: Sun light
Exposure range: -1, 0, +1
Mode: Macro.

Photos are not edited, only resize been done.
Here's the result:White subject, black background
Exposure -1, 0, +1

White subject, white background
Exposure -1, 0, +1

Black Subject, black background
Exposure -1, 0, +1
Black subject, white background
Exposure -1, 0, +1

1. For darker background, exposure can be set to negative.
2. As for brighter background, exposure set to zero would be more suitable.
3. White kits do look sharp on the dark background, on the other hand darker kits need a brighter background.
4. If not sure which exposure to set, photoshop it with ur preferred brightness.


Janus Lu said...

Nice try, Becky. I always use Photoshop to adjust my photo, it is not easy to get a nice photo shooting, it require patient and experience. Gambateh!

DivineLight said...

I've just realized about the exposure setting.

Still kinda hard to photograph with dark background for me.

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