Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My miniature #1

Originally uploaded by beckylaw2099

My one and only completed Gunpla, scale 1/100 NG Infinite Justice.
Not a great build, and i try to improve my modelling skill. Been a super duper slow modeller, NIL completed kit since 2006. Duh~~~

Gambatte ne, Becky san. :)

The photo shot with Canon powershot A400, with sunlight as light souce, ISO 100, macro mode, exposure 0.


Janus Lu said...

Hahaha...finally you show your Gunpla, nice shooting, Becky.

Wau Kite said...

Hello soldier;

Obviously you like shooting very much. And now that you are shooting photograph, would you like to advice me on how best should I shoot my photos on kites? See samples of pic I normally take at my blog

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