Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bagan Lalang

My Christmas trip to Bagan Lalang, located at Sepang, Selangor. My bf and i was planning for a trip out of KL, and to a place where not many people known, also with pretty views.

Its about 1 and half hour journey from KL, going through KLIA, and F1 circuit. Lucky the hotel we booked, provide clear and easy to follow direction for us, if not we would spent whole afternoon searching for it.
The day we went there was a cloudy day, which mean no pretty sunset view, oh no....
Went for a walk at the beach, after we check in the hotel. It was around 4pm, to our suprise, the beach was crouded with tents and people, also some 'carnival' beside the road. Hmm, because of holiday??

Dinner at one of the seafood restaurant, Bagan Lalang famous with its ikan bakar, so we tried some. Food here is great and cheaper.

Its a fishing horizon for those who like to fish.

Due to the cloudy day, we decide to talk another visit next day morning, maybe will have a better view for photo.

Red crabs along the beach, taking pic in the noon sun will roast us into one of these creatures. Haha, its a beautiful scence and play around with the crabs.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Transformer Barricade !!??? -_-"

Seen this car during my visit to Johor Bharu. It stop at Tebrau City petro station, i was a bit shock when i saw it.....Wasn't expect to see a SUV barricade, still prefer the Police car Barricade (Mustang Saleen), but i like the "to punish and enslave" slogan with the Police logo.

One of my on going project (miniature) is the Mustang 2006 GT, which look quite similar with Mustang Saleen, and i going to modify it into a Barricade. The kits had been snapfitted, and waiting for sketches.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Time Crisis 4

A new game bought. Time Crisis 4, came with pistol replica joystick.

With stunning graphic, but the withdrawn are the expensive controller, which make me don't want to buy the second controller for player 2. Also the split screen in 2 players mode make it look complicated. More info of the game can be found here,

As you can see, the background is one of my uniform collection, digital camou uniform from Indonesia with my current rank (Coperal) on it. Hehehe ..............

Souvenir i got during the visit

Joined an one-day-trip to PULADA (Infantry Training Centre), Johor Bharu on 21 Dec 2008. Organized by YMM, Tmn Putra Branch.

Due to some security issue, i'm not allow to post any of the photo taken in the training centre compound.

This is my second time visiting here, first time is back in 2004. The t-shirt bought at the 'War Dog Wing', where war dog been trained. As for the key chain its souvenir from YMM, with Malaysia Army emblem on it, (the anchor, eagle and keris).

More info of the YMM (Young Malaysia Movement) can be seen here,
I'm member of Jln Raja Chula branch.

My miniature #2

Originally uploaded by beckylaw2099

Been gunplaing for bout 3 years, this is my second completed kits, surprise!!? Me too........... - _- "

This kits completed on 20 Dec during comic fiesta 2008, at Sunway Convention Centre. A workshop organise by dcode in conjuction with Zero G member. No AB kits since my 1/100 NG Infinite Justice, to my surprise, i still can finish it in 5 hours. Phew....

Although its full of flaws, i still satisfied with the finishing.

Better sharpen my skill with AB....

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