Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bagan Lalang

My Christmas trip to Bagan Lalang, located at Sepang, Selangor. My bf and i was planning for a trip out of KL, and to a place where not many people known, also with pretty views.

Its about 1 and half hour journey from KL, going through KLIA, and F1 circuit. Lucky the hotel we booked, provide clear and easy to follow direction for us, if not we would spent whole afternoon searching for it.
The day we went there was a cloudy day, which mean no pretty sunset view, oh no....
Went for a walk at the beach, after we check in the hotel. It was around 4pm, to our suprise, the beach was crouded with tents and people, also some 'carnival' beside the road. Hmm, because of holiday??

Dinner at one of the seafood restaurant, Bagan Lalang famous with its ikan bakar, so we tried some. Food here is great and cheaper.

Its a fishing horizon for those who like to fish.

Due to the cloudy day, we decide to talk another visit next day morning, maybe will have a better view for photo.

Red crabs along the beach, taking pic in the noon sun will roast us into one of these creatures. Haha, its a beautiful scence and play around with the crabs.

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