Sunday, February 15, 2009

Colourful valentine dinner

Cherry tomatoes with romaine
Seafood fusilli

Salad with thounsand island dressing.
Cheesecake with blackcurrant topping.

It been 2 years since my last celebrated valentine. Therefore, decided to make us a special dinner.
The cheesecake is very nice, add in a bit of my own creativity, but the topping wasn't that good, my first trial on topping.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

# 2 Workshop fr SFTPMS

Second series of workshop, organize by SFTPMS. This time it hold at Hobby HQ.
Free admission to all.
Hobby HQ directory.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Macro outing (7.2.09)

Photo taken with Raynox snap-on lense(6x magnifier)




My Second macro outing with alpha member. It was very fun and i enjoy the whole outing, most of the shot were done by kit lense 1870mm. Maybe need to invest a macro lense, also DIY macro flash.

Photo workshop (24.1.09)

Brilliant color of the houses, a very unique scene.

New bulding in the old neibourhood.

Few of the building which remain its original architectual.

This is the first time i joining any of the photoshooting workshop, held at central market. We been there early so decided to take a walk around the town and take some shots.
A sunny day it was and perfect for photoshoting.
George, one of the presenter.

Ted Adnan, presenter of the day.

Summary of the workshop (Guidline for good photography):
1. Snapshot - Quick and spontaneous shot which captured the moments of the story.
2. Composition of the shot. (when you shot everything, you shot nothing)
- Balanced composition
- Rule of third (Subject at one third of the frame)
- Filling the frame
3. Leading line (e.g. River, road, wall etc. A line which guide your eye through the photo)
4. Depth of photo (Include the foreground n background of the subject)
5. Red within green (Different color of the subject to the background)
Well, at the end of the workshop, Ted did quoted Ansel Adams' word "There's no rule in good picture, only good picture"

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gundam Bokeh!

Was bore with the flat and textureless background i done with my previous shot. So, i want to try something else.
This picture was taken with 50mm lense, with f 1.4. One way to 'filter' out the background with the subject.

This is how it look with more depth-of-field, f11. Can clearly see the background with the texture, so to add up the 'artistic' fell, i lower down the depth-of-field, and make it look blur.
Here's the set-up, a paper bin. Alternative way for your Gundam photo booth. It suit the 1/200 scale gundam perfectly, but not sure about HG or MG kits. Think HG still can fit inside, MG might too big for it. Anyway, will do more experiment on this. Hehehe.
Not familiar with the word Bokeh?? Try refer here,
How f relate to aperture, find out here,
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