Thursday, July 30, 2009

Photo published

My photo going to publish in the Genius World, children magazine.

My gratitude to Woon Woon, a freelance designer and also Gunpla kaki.

Here's the blog of Genius-World,

Monday, July 27, 2009

7th batch of recruitment TARC/UTAR

9 May 09 - 8 June 09, another batch of TARC/UTAR recruits undergo their training in 515th Regiment's training camp, this time ... at new camp locate at Wangsa Bukit Keramat.

Only consist of 40+ participants from TARC and UTAR, it became lesser form year to year. Youngsters nowadays not interested in Army?? Or they prefer the fun of shooting in computer??

The opening ceremony (13 May 09)

Closing ceremony (3 June 09)

Didn't participate as full time helper, only volunteer for a week demo.

Here's some link for the previous batches:
Third batch:
Fifth batch:
Sixth batch:

Guess i forgot to write the fourth batch........ Since friendster had removed photo album at Blog section, i lost some of the photos, darn!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Milestone of My Army Life.

Article wrote on request of friend, whose an author in Kuala Lumpur Security Reviews. The original article can be view here. I translated it and post it here, pardon my English...

Time do flies, I'd served in Malaysia Territorial Army for the fifth year. Initially, i just want to enhance my knowledge about firearms and experience the fun of shooting.
Well, beside had better understanding about firearms, that i also enhance my leadership. From a section member (private) now became section commander (coperal), had force me to learn and lead.

I was dumb and naive during recruitment, which followed every instructions given by trainer and never think of the reasons behind it. I slowly realized the reasons for every paths and movement after gone through further courses e.g KADAR Course in 2006, Small Weapon Course and Section Commander Course in year 2007. That even promote me for Section commander (Coperal), and that's where my responsibilities followed.

My worst experience as leader occurred during the compass marching when i volunteer as assistant trainer for TAR College recruitment. I'm a leader for a team, and must lead my team from starting point to rendezvous point, which we need to cross rivers and hill in about 8-10 kilometers, with loads and rifles. Half way to the rendezvous, my junior start complaint about their tired feet. Well.... half of the journey completed under my pressure, i had to repeatedly force them to stand on their feet.

Firearms accounted for only 20 percent of military training, other include drilling, physical, leadership, military tactics etc, and most importantly --- cooperation. Its not easy to work together when your camrades are make up from different races, culture and background, It need more time before the group can cooperate and work together. I had a great experience in Potential Officer Course 2008, it was the most efficient course i ever been through, everybody working together as a team, we share and learn together. That's what i call military training.

Injuries is quite normal during training, the unforgettable moments was during Section Commander Course. Where i sprint my right ankle, what make it worst --- the field training in the next few days (advance on foot for 10km). If i unable to join, mean i'm dead! I won't be able to pass the course then ...... no way! Thanks god, i still able to join the advance, slow and steady i finish the advance phase. But it isn't over, second phase --- defense. We need to dig trenches in this phase. Its noon once we reach the defensive spot, the sun was hot and scotching, the worst thing happen to me when whole platoon been punish by lying on ground, under the hot sun. I fell unconscious just few seconds after i on my feet, dehydrated and exhausted.

From here, i truly realize ... to survive in worst scenario, a soldier must strong in will and physical.

Exercise 'Haringaroo 2006', join venture with Australian army.

Breakfast at field, memories of 'Potential Officer Course 2008'

Friday, July 24, 2009

Night Stroll with Pentax

Saturday night (18 July 09) at Jonker Street, Melaka. Jason and I decided to walk around Jonker Street with Pentax SLR (friend's collection), the lens were scratched and full of dust, don't think it can be use anymore, its more like antique decoration.

So we went to street with Pentax, showing off (since DSLR is very common, so let's bring out the rare babe) :P At first, we plan to 'act' like shooting with it but we're shy to do that..........

Beside Pentax, i also bring along my Sony A350, for the real photoshoting. Its night stroll its quite hard to get sharp and clear pic, setting it to ISO 1600, and it does help a bit, but the noise is very obvious. Well, i like snapshot and genuine photos. :)

'Dim sum' for supper

This fellow very concerntrate on making paperclay dolls, look steady even notice i shooting at him.

Table lamp on sale.

Karaoke in the middle of the road.

Several lounges can be found here.

Some error on the White Balance setting, the color totally out. :( The first few photo i took before i decided to change to Auto White Balance.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunny Cityspace

Its a Sunny but a bit hazy morning, on 27 June 09. My first street photography with some Sony guys.

As other shooting street people, i just shot on building and sky. Not very prefer on portrait....

Some old and new building around KL.

Excitement in the city ....

I just love those yellow windows... :)

It goes higher and higher ...

Independence Square.

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