Monday, July 27, 2009

7th batch of recruitment TARC/UTAR

9 May 09 - 8 June 09, another batch of TARC/UTAR recruits undergo their training in 515th Regiment's training camp, this time ... at new camp locate at Wangsa Bukit Keramat.

Only consist of 40+ participants from TARC and UTAR, it became lesser form year to year. Youngsters nowadays not interested in Army?? Or they prefer the fun of shooting in computer??

The opening ceremony (13 May 09)

Closing ceremony (3 June 09)

Didn't participate as full time helper, only volunteer for a week demo.

Here's some link for the previous batches:
Third batch:
Fifth batch:
Sixth batch:

Guess i forgot to write the fourth batch........ Since friendster had removed photo album at Blog section, i lost some of the photos, darn!!

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