Friday, July 24, 2009

Night Stroll with Pentax

Saturday night (18 July 09) at Jonker Street, Melaka. Jason and I decided to walk around Jonker Street with Pentax SLR (friend's collection), the lens were scratched and full of dust, don't think it can be use anymore, its more like antique decoration.

So we went to street with Pentax, showing off (since DSLR is very common, so let's bring out the rare babe) :P At first, we plan to 'act' like shooting with it but we're shy to do that..........

Beside Pentax, i also bring along my Sony A350, for the real photoshoting. Its night stroll its quite hard to get sharp and clear pic, setting it to ISO 1600, and it does help a bit, but the noise is very obvious. Well, i like snapshot and genuine photos. :)

'Dim sum' for supper

This fellow very concerntrate on making paperclay dolls, look steady even notice i shooting at him.

Table lamp on sale.

Karaoke in the middle of the road.

Several lounges can be found here.

Some error on the White Balance setting, the color totally out. :( The first few photo i took before i decided to change to Auto White Balance.

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