Monday, August 31, 2009

On the working desk of Merdeka exhibition

What on the working desk during Merdeka exhibition??

Look like a dead fish to me, hehehe.

Tugu Malaysia.

The diorama master on the move, what he making this time??

Its his fruit shop diorama

The details of this diorama is simply ...... speechless..

SFTPMS Merdeka GB (Modern era)


Pert- Evo 5

Armor used for UN.

Fighter and jet of service in Royal Malaysia Air Force.

Response of crowd
WWII era
Insurgency era

SFTPMS Merdeka GB (Insurgency era)

During the battle of the Communist, air strike on the enemies base, this is a huge diorama. Took 5 pics and combine the pic with autostitch software.

Response fr crowd
WWII era
Modern era

SFTPMS Merdeka GB (WWII era)

The most 'famous' diorama of the day :).

Aichi E13a Jake

Buffaloes at Sg Petani.

The DUKW and Perkasa


Yap Ah Loy

Tok Janggut

The Aussie on the run :p

Bukit Kepong

Johor Invasion

Invasion with bike and Ha-Go

The Ha-Go

Response fr crowd
Insurgency era
Modern era
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