Monday, August 31, 2009

SFTPMS Merdeka GB (WWII era)

The most 'famous' diorama of the day :).

Aichi E13a Jake

Buffaloes at Sg Petani.

The DUKW and Perkasa


Yap Ah Loy

Tok Janggut

The Aussie on the run :p

Bukit Kepong

Johor Invasion

Invasion with bike and Ha-Go

The Ha-Go

Response fr crowd
Insurgency era
Modern era


doyle said...

wow...i'm speechless..super fine piece of art...

Becky said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You can find more at this forums,

Strawberry Art Studio said...

great capture, depth, angle, lights, you got it all... problem is.. this set run low on SATURATION. some touch up in photoshop needed serve this set in a tastier manner...

Becky said...

Thanks Strawberry for the suggestion,i showing the original color of the diorama so din't alter any setting, will try that next time.How do u find my blog??

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