Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Assasin's Solid

Replay MGS4 for the 7th times. Got new emblems.... "Assassin".

Toget this emblem you need to kill/stun over 50 enemies with knife and over 50 CQC holds and below 25 Alerts, well i done it with the help of Stealth suit, whahaha.

But i found a problem, i rmb that the no 15 emblems, little grey will be unlock after i got all the 69 weapons in the game, but i still can't get the emblem..... -_-"

Is there some bug in this game, i try google but can't find any answer..... hmmm....

Finish Replay on 27 Oct 09

Finally got Little Grey emblem, Emotion mag also consider as one of the 69 weapon, i bought it and got the emblem. Haha

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