Thursday, December 16, 2010

WIP: SD Freedom

Another committed build, this time its for MyGundam forum 3rd Group Build.

Combine some HG part with SD kits. The wing seem too big ............. need to extend the body to balance up.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

WIP: Perfect Grade Wing Gundam Zero Custom

This is my first commission build and also my first PG kits, although i helped a friend fixing PG 00 raiser...... well just part of it only, not whole kits. So, still is my first time :P

Time frame: 2 months
Out of Box, no modding, just build and paint.

PG Wing with paints and materials for the build, all supplied by client.

Big sprue trees..........

That's something new to me, a material box............ inside it its screw and nuts, metal feather, LED and wires.......................................and die cast parts...........


Start installing the wires and LED. Still snap fitting......

13 Dec 2010, finally finish snap fit. Now time to Disassemble, do little modding and painting.

20 December 2010, start painting the skeleton.

Reverse the previous steps, to disassemble.

27 Dec 2010 Painting skeleton of the leg.

Use FUTURE wash for the metal highlighting.

1 Jan 2011

7 Jan 2010.

Almost done with skeleton.

19 Jan 2011

Hand painted the seat.

23 Jan 2011

Pre-shade the wing.

Back to home town for Chinese New Year......... wasted bout 2 week time, then need to reallocate my KL home, another 2 weeks without progress.

At last, some update .....

21 March 2011, painted the gun with silver.

Almost complete, as just minor touch up e.g. panel line and top coat.

28 March 2011
Finally its done.

Photo shot after few days,

24 April 2011.
Delivered this kits to its owner.

Monday, November 29, 2010

WIP: ID4 Alien with exoskeleton

Some of you might still remember the movie Independence Day, a 1996 film. One of the famous cut scene, is where Will smith give the Alien a punch before saying :" Welcome to Earth!" Man i love that part.... haha.

Got this kits from a friend's garage sales with very nice price. Now, joining the SMM forums movie mayhem GB with this kits.

Its an old kits from LINDBERG, the fitting is terrible, it don't fit well, and lacking of details, worst of all, the pose of the alien look very dumb.............

Will start on the surgery and post more pic here. Stay tuned.

BMKWC 2010 winning kits

open category:
Alphaleo (zero G)

2nd Runner up
Jeffho (zero G)

2nd runner up
Juliuslim (zero G)

Merit and new challenger champion

Merit and New challenger 2nd runner up

Merit prize
Chriswoo (zero G)

Merit prize:
blz88bri (zero G)

Best coloring:
Zero1st (zero G)

Group category
Core Fighter expo (zero G)

Best creative and modding:

Best Sangokuden
zoidx_chung (zero G)

Congratulation to all winner and Zerogunz rock!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Gunpla is soft

Definition of soft here mean soft photo. Picture which is blurry and have dreamy feel.

Same setting with my previous shot, due to the change of showcase cabinet, the reflection also lessen. What i done in the past,

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Aliens (resin kits)

Just COD with friend and got these resin kits.

2 different kits, and different details, one is smoother and cleaner, other is filled with details. One with base, the other without.

Start with the clean face.............:p

The detail on neck, wow............

The body is in 2 parts, torso and waist...

The leg as in sanding pose, but its actually bending and in walking pose.

The ugly face..................

The skull.......................

The body came in 1 piece, phew..... easier to assemble.

The legs is in crouching pose.

The height of the Base.

Got a face huger at the side.
Its about the scale of 1/6, 12 inch tall.

Need to learn more bout figure painting before i start this kits.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Group entry - Core Figter Expo

This group build consist of 7 members:
1. zero1st
2. Rayloke
3. Phoon
4. Oldman
5. Pakfoo
6. Jeffho
7. Becky (me)

This group build started around September and it come a long way before we finally finish it. We had several meeting and brainstorm, and discussion and finally blue print is set, more info can be view here,

My work is simple compare to other, i scratch build the vending machines, figurines and information board.
Also the poster above design by me, which using zero1st photo, later enhanced by zero1st before print out as decal.

Overall view

Jeff Ho's Core fighter

Elevator with light.

Kirin's Core Fighter




Both core fighter paint by me.

Tag was added on the 2nd night of the road show. :)
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