Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WIP: Five Star Stories (KOG ver 3)

Love the box art~~~

Head and Neck

The original kits look too plain, therefore decide to add some details on it.

Left is original, right is customized.

Head and neck modding finish on 18 August 2010. Now move to torso.

Update on 22 Aug 2010, progress - Finish waist modification.



Update on 10 Sept 2010.

Filling up the arms.

19 Sept 2010.

Update on 29 Sept 2010.

The chest mod, done.

Update on 2 December 2010.

Add metal part on the back.
Decided to put this kit as my Femme Fatale Mecha Group Build.

12 December 2010.

having a hard time with the skirt, need some filling and sanding.

16 December 2010.

the rear skirt armor.

17 Dec 2010.

Finally the last piece of the skirt armor. phew..........

24 December 2010.

Done adding details at the side.

4 Jan 2010.

Added 1mm and 0.5mm metal balls.

16 May 2011,
currently under painting phrase.

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