Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dream Cast Hi Nu Head

Just receive this kits an hour ago, bought it at . So excited, i open it and have a look, here's some simple review (or rather glance) for the kits.

Scale 1:35

The box is about the size of my laptop, 14 inch screen. Its heavier than its look.

The clear part.

Decals, spring, manual, cable n LED

Some of resin parts.

Sharp and clean details.

Come with a clear acrylic base.

Very fast glance :) the surface of resin look smooth and clean, hope its a fast build kits. It'll be my first trial on Gundam head.

Another project which will start on next year........ keep building!! :)


Erzberger said...

can i check if the kit comes with power supply/adapter? How do you manage to light it up? thanks

Becky said...

This kits need battery to light it up.

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