Friday, September 24, 2010

Femme Fatale Mechas GB: Gerbera Tetra

This parcel reached 2 days ago, direct from Hong Kong, Super G. Order them here CKtangunpla . A skeleton for GP-04 conversion kits, it actually a skeleton from Bandai's MG freedom. This is my very first time encounter with resin kits.

Details look sharp and nice.

PC part............................

Super G resin is quite crisp and fragile, this part is broken when i open it.

The details of the resin kits is very nice, every details was there, even the sprue mark, light weight and the PC caps can hold the parts well. Offset is, you need glue it, the part is loose, which mean cannot snapfit, but this is just minor problem.

Comparison for the skeleton and 1/144 Gerbera Tetra, this not going to be as easy as i though. Will start it on December, 7 months to build it.

Femme Fatale Mechas GB was started by me in Zero G forums, Gerbera is one of the kits. Stay tuned for the updates.......

13 December 2010, the WIP had started.

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