Thursday, October 21, 2010

Malaysian Army Field Ration

This post is out of topic of this blog :P, well just wanna share....................

I been active in reserved army for more than 5 years, didn't really have the chance to list down all the menus for our Infantry field ration. Because during exercise, we all have the same menu, so can't differentiate them.

Asked one of my reserved army friend to bring some leftover ration, and he gave me 4 packs, Menu A, B and C. This give me the chance to list down and do some googling on field ration.

Some info on the net,

Although the info there stated its sufficient for 1 day, actually it can last for 2 days. Will explain later.

So, here's how Malaysian field ration look like.....

Come in a plastic with label on the Menu and expiry date, one pack is issue to one person. Let's open and see what inside.......

Come with the instruction, it can even eat without heating, but some taste nicer when its hot.

140g for one small pack, contain 10 small packs(got variety food, list at below), mean its roughly weight 2kg for whole ration.



Pineapple jam and army biscuit, i kinda like it.

Salts, sugar, tea bag, instant coffee and milk powder.

Vitamin B complex.

Not in the pack, items which will also issue for field training..............

Solid fuel, 1-2 tablets can cook a mess tin of rice. Also dehydrated rice will be issue, 1 pack of rice sufficient for 2 person for a meal, each person will have 2 pack.

All of the ration pack have these items:
Matches 30's X1
Pineapple X2
Biscuit 6's X2
Sugar 110g X2
Milk powder X4
Instant coffee X2
Tea bag X6
vitamin B complex.

Here's the different between menus.....(in Malays, every words followed the label on packets)

Menu A:
Sayur campuran soun
pajeri nenas

lembu rendang basah
kari ayam
ikan masak masam manis
sambal ikan bilis

Bubur Pulut Hitam
bubur gandum

Papaya dalam sirap
Nenas dalam sirap

Menu B:
sayur campuran soun

ayam kurma
Sardin dalam sos tomato
sambal udang

bubur pulut hitam
bubur kacang hijau

nenas dlm sirap
papaya dlm sirap

Menu C
sayur campuran sohoon
kacang sepat dhal

kurma daging lembu
ayam masak merah
sambal sotong
Kari Ikan

bubur gandum
bubur kacang hijau

betik dlm sirap
nenas dlm sirap

Green is vege (i prefer it hot), Black is meat(beef and chicken)(hot is better), Brown is seafood(fish/squid/prawn) (hot is nice), Orange is porridge (sweet), Blue is fruits in syrup.

So for breakfast, can choose either coffee or tea, and biscuit.

Lunch/dinner can have meat or fish or squid, with some vege (up to personal preferences). For me, 1 pack is too much prefer share with my buddy, and some fruits after meal.

Supper, can have some nice sweet porridge.

From the listing and distribution, the ration definitely gonna last 2/3 days for me. If the exercise is more than 3 days, we will get 2 pack of these.


chubbybots said...

Wait you are in the army?? Wow..

These rations are almost the same as the ones in Singapore...remind me of the days in the jungle during field training :P

Becky said...

chubbybots: U from Singapore??? U guys have ration for muslim and non-muslim as well right???

Lindy said...

Wow, I've always wondered how Malaysian MRE taste like. Any idea where I can get one? :)

julian graal said...

Where can I get one

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