Monday, October 11, 2010

White Orge

New haul of the day, if you have seen the MS Igloo2 second episode, then you probably recognize this kits. Commander of the Zaku troops, which defeated by E.F.G.F main battle tank.

This is a MG kits, scale 1/100, come with sticker and dry transfer decal. Like the logo very much, a salamander.

With the increasing number of new kits, i really have no idea when i going to finish them all. Typical modeler ................... haih............... no more buying for the coming months. :p


chubbybots said...

Wow cool grab! First time commenting here ^^

Its a habit of modelers always stocking up kits and growing that WIP pile :P Any modification plans for this MG?

Becky said...

Thanks for dropping by chubbybots. Right now planning to build a diorama and will build some tanks. Not much mod on the Zaku just enhance the articulation.

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