Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Group entry - Core Figter Expo

This group build consist of 7 members:
1. zero1st
2. Rayloke
3. Phoon
4. Oldman
5. Pakfoo
6. Jeffho
7. Becky (me)

This group build started around September and it come a long way before we finally finish it. We had several meeting and brainstorm, and discussion and finally blue print is set, more info can be view here,

My work is simple compare to other, i scratch build the vending machines, figurines and information board.
Also the poster above design by me, which using zero1st photo, later enhanced by zero1st before print out as decal.

Overall view

Jeff Ho's Core fighter

Elevator with light.

Kirin's Core Fighter




Both core fighter paint by me.

Tag was added on the 2nd night of the road show. :)

1 comment:

Bruce's Domain said...

Wow .. nice. Pity I can't go view the exhibits yet .. too much work and too tight deadlines

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