Monday, January 31, 2011

Finally i bought a Hobi Max!!

Hobi Max is a Hobby Magazine in Malaysia. But i never bought any Hobi Max magazine before, after heard some bad comments of it. As i leisure and browsing at book store today, i saw the latest issue and it caught my attention and i bought it without hesitation.

This is the reason i bought it.................. my group effort - Core Fighter Expo. Finally its been published.
The cover MG Zeong is build by one of the core fighter group member, Jeff Ho.
Also the same magazine feature Sammy's HG O Gundam, another modeler from Zero G forums.

Here's my words bout the group effort.
I joining this core fighter group build just for fun and trying new things. The best thing about the group build is i can learn something from other members, how they work with scale models, how they plan and execute, and learning is the part which make this build interesting.

more photos of the diorama.

Poster of our core fighter expo, cool.

It really feel good and motivating to see my own builds featured in magazine. :)

More info,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

In a mess

29 January 2011.

Yes, i know its such a mess.............

Well, i moving soon and looking at the stash........... (i know my collection not even compatible to others guys), it already make me dizzy.

Will start packing this few week, might complete moving before end of February.

Another resolution for this year, buy less and build more!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Enemy on the move.

Another GB from Zero G forums. This time i use the UC Hard Graph first kits, Zeon Mobile scout set.

Ok, here's the overall layout of the diorama.

The tree will lean to the empty space, point by the red arrow. The size of the diorama is in A4 paper size, 210mm x 297mm.

Comparison again the Dragon's 1/35 figurine head.

The size is definitely not 1/35, i more like 1/48.

20 June 2011

Bought a photo frame for the base.


rusted mixing cup, as my reference. :)

first time experience with salt method. Still need some improvement.

27 June 2011

Salt and masking liquid.

Outcome. Still need to dip in water to wash the salt and masking.

Paint for the mobile, left is highlight, right is shade.

4 July 2011

11 July 2011

18 July 2011

The original head seem smaller than the body ......

Replace with dragon 1/35 head

Cut the thumb and readjust it, make it grip the binocular firmly. Observe carefully, left n right hand size is different.... Great job Bandai :p

Hair added, now he look handsome :)

19 July 2011

Planting leaves to tree with white glue (mix with water), and thyme.

30 July 2011

Spray green to the leaves, it look more 'alive' now.

Different tone of grass.


1 August 2011.

Repose the figurines.

1/144 Yen Xing (焰星)

Bought another resin kits from, I must say this is very excellent kits, full with details, but the original kits cost too much, only get the recast version from gk.

Yen Xing in Chinese word mean 'flaming star'. Its a mecha from Nagano Mamoru creation, Five Star Stories, more info here

The part list

color code

Some part break, lucky its only the tree sprue..... PHEW.

The length of the hair.

The shield

The blade is make of metal.

Parts is very small, this going to be a hard one...............

I thing missing in this kits, the decals .................... hope the supplier will replace it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Misty & wet New Year morning

After the new year count down and enjoy the fireworks at my balcony ........... and watching the OO Gundam movie :P (although i didn't watch the series, but heard nice comment bout this movie, well...... its new for Gundam series, fighting the alien elements) my bf got a call from his photography gang and decide to catch the stars and sunrise of the New Year at Genting highland, our previous visit

We start the journey around 2 a.m, and reach there around 3 a.m, the mist is so thick and can't see any star, so decided to take a nap in the car, and wait for the sunrise.

This is the shot on 7a.m 1 January 2011.

The sun should be rising at the horizon at this moment, but the mist and fog is so thick, can't even see the sunlight. Oh no.....................

The silo, surrounded by fog and mist. We had to call it off, and head for our 1st breakfast in 2011 :)

Was so eager to capture the first light of 2011, but end up disappointed. Better luck next time. :)
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