Monday, January 31, 2011

Finally i bought a Hobi Max!!

Hobi Max is a Hobby Magazine in Malaysia. But i never bought any Hobi Max magazine before, after heard some bad comments of it. As i leisure and browsing at book store today, i saw the latest issue and it caught my attention and i bought it without hesitation.

This is the reason i bought it.................. my group effort - Core Fighter Expo. Finally its been published.
The cover MG Zeong is build by one of the core fighter group member, Jeff Ho.
Also the same magazine feature Sammy's HG O Gundam, another modeler from Zero G forums.

Here's my words bout the group effort.
I joining this core fighter group build just for fun and trying new things. The best thing about the group build is i can learn something from other members, how they work with scale models, how they plan and execute, and learning is the part which make this build interesting.

more photos of the diorama.

Poster of our core fighter expo, cool.

It really feel good and motivating to see my own builds featured in magazine. :)

More info,


Kuman Chaos said...

Becky.. you make me wanna go and buy this magazine as well.. :D
kuman "SPACE 1999 at80% !!." Entry

Becky said...

Haha, ya support local modeler. But the mag got grammar error...

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