Monday, July 18, 2011

Dual Model Kits 01: Optimus Prime

Bought this last Thursday, 1/35 scale Optimus Prime, first time buying such big size Transformer kits.

Comparison with MG Wing box.

It come in 16 spruce trees, about 220+ parts. Along with a water slide decal sheet.

The kits is very details and sophisticated, it tried to replicate the real movie OP, these pipe around the ribs giving me some hard time.

Had to remove the leg from the body for easier assembling.

Whole sprue only for the hand part.

Full articulate finger...

The con of this kits, it have obvious mold lines, therefore retouch is needed. Especially for those modeller who aim for zero seam lines and mold lines.

Finish snap-fit. Will snap more photo once i free. Here's a snap shot of it.

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