Sunday, August 14, 2011

WIP: 1/35 Hi Nu Gundam head

Check for fitting and alignment, nothing serious misalignment only some filling and sanding.

Nicely cast.

Pane line is parallel.

Accidentally break the parts.......

15 August 2011

Used long time fixing the spring, should have sand more on the resin parts.....

Major gaps can be seen here. Need to sand the back collar (in red circle) shorter, then bend both collar to fit.

16 Aug 2011
Done sanding the collar.

Bought this resin head last year, review are here,

18 Aug 2011
Need some filling here.

Need to fill the vulcan gun.

19 Aug 2011
This kit is supplied with 3 LED, but in the manual just mentioned 2 LED, on the fore head camera lens and the eye. Therefore, i decided to add another LED at the back of the head.

Thanks Eddy Lai from Zero G forums for the circuit diagram.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dengeki Hobby August 2011

Latest issue of Dengeki. Metallic Optimus Prime, i just love Metallic. Bought this issue just because of Optimus.

Look at the metallic painting........ make me drool ....

Even the skeleton is fully painted.

WIP of painting the skeleton and parts.

Next one its Bumble Bee.

Some amazing diorama work.

This post is simple some sneak peek for the magazine, do drop by your nearest book store for a copy. :)

The magazine i got is in HK version, here's a link of Jp version,

Dual Model Kit 02: Bumble Bee

My recent haul. Dual Model kit 02. 1/35 scale, its small compare to Optimus Prime. Come in 13 runners and about 150 parts.

Comparison for the box with RG Zaku.

Slightly higher than RG Gundam.

No moving fingers like Optimus, no decals as well. Despite the small size, this fellow is really full of details. Will snap more photo when free.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Jet Wing Prime.

Illustration from Josh Nizzi,

Will try convert my DMK01, into this monster.

Searching for parts, and found some to sacrifice.
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