Monday, October 24, 2011

Code name: K4R4133-7M4 (completed)

2 weeks time to repaint this, kinda rush and make some mistake. Here some picture to share.

Vehicle mode:

Robot mode:

With base.

For the work in-progress,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Code name: K4R4133-7M4

Special gift from transmy forums to UIP Malaysia GM.

I was honored to given the chance to repaint this kit. Its a leader class optimus prime, first time handling a LC transformer kit, so excited. Ok, here the progress .....

Before painting, i traced the flames design on masking tape.

The combination of red = clear orange + character red + clear red.

The pipe is make out of rubber, after prime it become sticky..... think the thinner had melted it. Need to replace it with plastic rod, stay tuned for more updates.

22 Oct 2011

Done scratch build the pipes.

Masking the flames.

Combination of purple.

Painted gross black as base, follow by silver.

Next update would be the completed kits. stay tuned.
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