Sunday, November 27, 2011

WIP : Fujimi Lamborghini Diablo SV (X'mas GB)

I got this car kits for the X'mas GB, organize in Zero G forums, X'mas GB

The idea of this Group Build is to exchange gift and get the chance to try on other kits which never tried before.

Although i got few car kits, but never actually complete one. Well, this is quite a challenge for me, and also the time frame of this group build is only bout 40 days to finish it. I wasted almost a week............ hope to get this babe done before 30 December 2011.

Fitting the skirt and hood.

The front hood dun fit in, need to touch up ........

This kits come in a lot of parts, even have very nice under body details . Stay tuned for more updates.

23 Dec 2011

Start painting, decided red with black for the interior.

Due to some reason, this kits come without decal. Have to use Mustang cobra R decal for the meter, also use metal transfer to add more details.

Friday, November 25, 2011

WIP: Stromtrooper Blaster

Commission build introduce by friend. Its 1:1 (actual) scale stromtrooper blaster, as seen in Star Wars.

The parts.......

What it should look like.

surface of the resin kits.

This part need to cut.

After cut .......

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gunpla Builders World Cup 2011 winner list

The result of the GBWC2011, most of the winners are from Zero G forums.

Open category champion: JeffHo (top 3 winner of previous competition, will be representing Malaysia to Hong Kong)

Open Category 1st runner up: Rayloke (ex-champion of 2008)

Open category 2nd runner up: Zero1st (frequent winner)

Merit: Juliuslim (2nd runner up of last year competition)

Merit: Guitarist (First-timer)

Merit: Zhen_yu (Zaku lover)

New challenger Champion: Mior

New Challenger 1st runner up: Quan

New challenger 2nd runner up and best coloring: kong

HG category champion: Neo_sigma

HG category 1st runner up: Zoidect

HG category 2nd runner up

Wing category champion: 771229

Wing category 1st runner up

Wing category 2nd runner up: ×zaku小涅×

Best creative and modification.
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