Monday, November 21, 2011

Gunpla Builders World Cup 2011 winner list

The result of the GBWC2011, most of the winners are from Zero G forums.

Open category champion: JeffHo (top 3 winner of previous competition, will be representing Malaysia to Hong Kong)

Open Category 1st runner up: Rayloke (ex-champion of 2008)

Open category 2nd runner up: Zero1st (frequent winner)

Merit: Juliuslim (2nd runner up of last year competition)

Merit: Guitarist (First-timer)

Merit: Zhen_yu (Zaku lover)

New challenger Champion: Mior

New Challenger 1st runner up: Quan

New challenger 2nd runner up and best coloring: kong

HG category champion: Neo_sigma

HG category 1st runner up: Zoidect

HG category 2nd runner up

Wing category champion: 771229

Wing category 1st runner up

Wing category 2nd runner up: ×zaku小涅×

Best creative and modification.

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