Sunday, December 11, 2011

WIP: Revoltech Optimus Prime Repaint

Commission repaint on the Revoltech Optimus Prime. Nothing to mod or sand, just masking, i mean a lot of masking.

The repainted head. Using a darker metallic color to contrast the white armor.

I din shot all the progress, here is how the step by step i done. First i prime everything, then i painted a layer of yellowish white, and shade it with black, then follow by white (with few drop of smoke gray). Mask the pattern out, paint it with custom mix red (forgot bout the mixture.) Then mask the armor part, paint with steel color.

I was using masking tape and masking sol, so clean the excess masking sol by dipping the kits in water then brush it. Further touch up on the kits is needed. Stay tuned.

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