Tuesday, December 24, 2013

WIP: Derzerb - 7" soft vinyl model kits

First time encounter with vinyl kits. This is a monster which appear in Bio Booster Guyver series, Derzerb. Its partially assemble, now just to fix the gaps and repaint it.
parts 300x200 Very obvious gaps between the parts. Need to putty and sculpt the skin details.
body 300x225 The ‘floating legs’, think its kinda common in vinyl, hard for it to stand properly.legs 300x200 So i decided to cut the feet out and adjust it to stand firm on ground. Cover the gaps with putty.left leg 225x300 right leg 225x300 Steps of painting. 1. Prime 2. Shade with black 3 Paint with light grey 4 wash with enamel dark grey.
steps 225x300


Here is the completed gallery, http://www.beckycustomizer.com/completed-works-gallery/#1871

WIP: Derzerb - 7" soft vinyl model kits


Derzerb, an anti-hero character in Bio Booster Guyver Series.

This is a soft vinyl kits height about 7″, the origin manufacturer is unknown, as it was given to me half build and without manual.

Some putty work at the connecting place, then its post shade, enamel wash and some dry brush to bring out details on the skin.



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

1/35 scale kotobukiya Gunhed

IMAG1751 225x300

GUNHED is a 1989 Japanese live-action mecha film, with the bad-ass transforming mecha. Kotobukiya make this Gunhed in 1/35 scale, as i experience with Kotobukiya kits before, it not going to be as easy as Bandai kits. Just give a quick check on the contents, and see what i get myself into :p :p

The box is roughly the size of middle size MG box, here i compare with MG Gundam mk 2 box.

IMAG1752 300x225 IMAG1755 300x225

The parts inside. Come with water slide decals.

IMAG1756 300x225 Info on the mecha, which it got 2 mode, G1 tank mode and G2 Standing mode. A transforming tank, hmm, interesting.IMAG1757 300x225 Color guide on the Gunhed, look like gonna stick everything up then only paint it, like building a tank.IMAG1758 225x300 2 pages of instruction on how to transform from G1 to G2 mode.IMAG1761 300x225 IMAG1762 300x225 Very interesting design and not the usual mecha i build. Will work on it after chinese new year, which is around february 2014. So, stay tuned  :)

1/35 scale kotobukiya Gunhed

WIP: Revell's Republic Star Destroyer

Commission build on Revell’s Republic Star Destroyer.

Custom order the frame to fit with the Star Destroyer. The kits itself is about 50cm long.

1469842 389285214536947 1521605699 n 300x300 Custom printed sticker for the background.

1461759 10151935825619213 1743686100 n 300x200

Hollow up the thruster to put in LED and detail up with brake disc photo-etch.d5d0261c527111e3977912351092712f 7 300x300 1459820 10151921931949213 1359729373 n 200x300 Light up with 5mm white LED. IMAG1679 200x300 Add in details with some steyrene strips, kotobukiya details parts and some Bandai upgrade parts.1486120 10151946295579213 981650067 o 200x300 1486126 10151943953239213 1591128866 o 200x300 Painted the base with custom mix light grey, then proceed to masking to add in different color tones.1417479 10151950075299213 2076708164 o 200x300 Proceed with washing, the left side upper hull is washed with very thin black enamel and clean with enamel thinner, right is just after painting.IMAG1723 200x300 Then proceed to inserting the fiber optic and LED, the holes are drill before painting. IMAG1733 200x300 The comparison of before and after. Untitled 1 225x300

WIP: Revell's Republic Star Destroyer

Sunday, December 15, 2013



1/2274 scale Revell's Vanator Class Republic Star Destroyer

Revell’s Republic Star Destroyer, as seen on star wars episode 3: revenge of the Sith.

Large kits with about 50 cm length, 30cm width. Custom made a casing for it, with background and LED light up.

First time using fiber optic to light up, its quiet frustrating when i need to drill holes and install those fiber, but the result really pay off those hard work.


1/2274 scale Revell's Vanator Class Republic Star Destroyer

Friday, December 6, 2013

Quick review Transformers Generation Metroplex

Just got this transformers generation metroplex from a client, going to custom into metrotitan. Not going to start the work yet, just open box for quick check up and find the possibility of modifications. DSC08559 300x225

Think its a China version, with info on the box written in chinese.
DSC08575 300x225 Its same length with MG Hi Nu, almost 2 feet.DSC08560 300x225 Thicker than the MG Hi Nu.DSC08561 225x300 The height of the titan is almost same as the box.DSC08563 225x300 Come with the manual and stickers. Kinda like it.DSC08574 300x225 The batteries compartment for the lights and sound effect.DSC08579 225x300 DSC08585 225x300 Assembling the right hand is quiet easy just push it in the hole, but since i going to mod it so will not assemble it now.DSC08578 300x225 Checking with the details on this titan, the hand need some work on it, filling in the holes.DSC08573 300x225 Shoulder cannon also hollow on the inside, need to touch up on this.DSC08583 225x300 The compartment at the left shoulder can fit a legend class figure.DSC08586 300x225 The right arm also got the similar compartment.DSC08587 300x225 The box come with legend class scamper. Fit nicely in the motorway/runway. As well in the weapons compartment.DSC08588 300x225 DSC08591 300x225 As i got other custom to rush so just playing around with the robot mode, didn’t transform into vehicle or city mode. Will get back to this titan on January. Phew ….. back to work.


Quick review Transformers Generation Metroplex

Monday, December 2, 2013


Commission work on G-system 1/35 RX-0 unicorn gundam head, first time dealing with G-system resin (kinda excited). Interesting piece as it can transform from unicorn mode to destroy mode. So, decided to do a simple review on it, actually just some unboxing photos. DSC08549 300x225 The box art and the content.DSC08551 225x300


The parts list and manual.DSC08550 300x225 Open the part list , its manual on the other side, that bag also come with decals and CD  content photos of the completed kits.
DSC08552 300x225 Another bag of the base, with 7 colors alternate LED.DSC08553 225x300 Come with manual for the base and some electric components.DSC08554 300x225 More electric components, clear parts, springs even photo-etch.DSC08555 300x225 The resin parts. DSC08557 300x225 The casting is crispy clean, and with awesome details, only some minor part to putty. Start the build with a soapy wash, stay tune for the work-in-progress.



Saturday, November 30, 2013

WIP: Iron Man mk 3 battle damage ver. 2.0

Got some queries on how i repaint the Hot toys iron man, so i posting this out on what the steps i took and some pointer. Hope this help.
1461047 384918071640328 1553502826 n 200x300

This Iron man was sent from Hong Kong, the owner even build compartment for every parts. How cool. Haha.

1468594 384918028306999 260704385 n 300x300


Take off the parts and give it a bath with some detergent, separate the electronic part out, only soak those parts with no electronic, and wipe with damp cloth for others.1450720 384918031640332 1347171185 n 300x300

After cleaning, dry it and mask those clear parts. 1463076 384918058306996 2004448459 n 300x300

I prefer candy color method, so i spray with silver as base, then some shading with clear black on the panel and lines.
1465241 384918024973666 1196858431 n 300x300

Before spraying the red, i apply mold release on some of the parts to replicate scratches and paint chip. Usually mix my paint very thin like water then spray it on with 0.3mm nozzle hand piece with 15-20 PSI, spray until wet and shiny.  3-4 layers, 15-20 minutes interval.

Oh ya, the paint i use for the red is Gaianote Clear Red 041.

1451984 388041014661367 368817813 n 300x300

After done with the painting, time to ‘damage’ it. Since i had apply mold release earlier its kinda easy just scratch with finger to reveal the paint underneath. I even use knife to scratch more of the paint off.

1472034 388041404661328 1556024828 n 300x300 I even lightly spray some matt grey on some area, make some burnt marks, and hand paint the scratches with some dark grey.

The completed gallery can be see here, http://www.beckycustomizer.com/completed-works-gallery/#1764



WIP: Iron Man mk 3 battle damage ver. 2.0
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