Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mattel's Avatar AMP suit

Avatar AMP suit, which appeared in James Cameron’s Avatar movie. A suit which used in planet call Pandora where the atmosphere is deadly to human race. So human race use this battle suit to fight again giant humanoid race call Na’vi. Well, i do recommend to watch this movie, very nice graphic.

First thing i receive this figure, I’m surprise that mattel also release this series of toys/ collectible, its given as a commission, to enhance the weathering and painting.  Got to know that sideshows also released amp suit maquette, so now will refer sideshows finishing and apply on the mattel.

DSC06246 300x225

The box art of mattel’s James Cameron Avatar.

DSC06247 300x225

The parts of the AMP suit figure.
DSC06251 300x225

Close up of the figures, the details is quiet nice, but will make some modification to enhance it.DSC06252 300x225

DSC06254 300x225

The cockpit, lack of detailing.

DSC06256 300x225


Comparison height of the figure with Bandai’s HG Palace Athene.

Here’s some photo of sideshow AMP suit maquette. Photos are taken from internet, and gonna use it as references.

dsc02712rq 300x225 5102635275 24d1389261 b 200x300 5102635663 5e0a45063c b 200x300 5103228476 de81406e20 b 200x300 ampsuitmaquette 300x200 avatarampsuit 200x300 avatarmaquette 200x300


Stay tuned for progress, have to finish up some commy before doing this. My work table is full…..

Mattel's Avatar AMP suit

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