Thursday, March 28, 2013

Commission build on 1/60 NG Freedom Gundam. Nothing much to show, as it just out of box build, took only some photo during the progress, and its not complete photo. So, basically just brief explanation on the steps i done.

NG (none grade) Gundam is kinda troublesome to paint and remove seamlines, as the parts is sandwich together. The inner frame with different color need to paint first then masked before sandwich the outer layer and remove the seamlines of the outer layer. Here is example of masking i done on the torso. The light blue waist is painted and masked before i assemble the dark blue part. Same goes to the legs and arms.
IMAG0893 225x300

Face plate painted with candy color, silver on the back of the clear part, clear color at the front. Everything painted and masked before insert into the helmet.
IMAG0894 225x300

Subtle shading on the parts. Here’s the comparison of a prime and shaded part, with painted part.IMAG0895 225x300

Complete shield before apply decals.

IMAG0902 225x300

Masking and paint some details on the leg.

IMAG0903 225x300 1/60 scale Freedom decals, from samuel decals.

IMAG0904 225x300


After panel lines and decals.
IMAG0905 300x200

Here’s the completed gallery for 1/60 NG Freedom Gundam,


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