Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIP: HGUC Kampfer part 3

Continue with the HGUC Kampfer, adding more details and sanding / preparing the base for glossy finishing.

Here i replace the pipe in the waist with spring and metal parts.waist

The original horns on the shoulder are lack of details and the shape is not sharp/pointy enough. So, i replace it with Bandai Gunpla Builder’s part HD MS Spike. Saw and sand the original horns, replace and glue with MS Spike, follow by filling and sanding.horn

I also enhance the details on the neck. Just by replace the original pipe with spring, and add a screw and koto parts at the inner frame.neck

WIP: HGUC Kampfer part 3

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tutorial for water slide decal and metal transfer decal


Steps to apply metal transfer decal

1. Cut the decal out

2. Remove the wax paper at the back

3. Adjust the decal on the place you want, then stick it on the surface, press the decal a little

4. Remove the transparent plastic

5. Remove the excess glue with masking tape

6. Done

Steps to apply water slide decal

1. Tools needed

2. Cut the decal out and trim the side as much as possible

3. Soak the decal in water for about 5 seconds

4. Slide the decal on the part, then pull the paper out

5. Use cotton bud to remove bubbles trap under the decal and remove excess water

6. Apply mr. mark softer on top of the decal, after that don’t move the decal until its totally dry, then apply top coat

Tutorial for water slide decal and metal transfer decal

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Transformer factions metal transfer decal and water slide decal

Starting to sell some decals and metal transfer for transformer factions. It can be use in customizing figures and also as decoration for gadgets like handphone, laptop, camera etc.  It come in various sizes and design, do drop by my facebook pages for the prices and description

Everything still in prior testing, will put up a proper website if everything going well. So, at the mean time if you need anything don’t be shy, just send me email or private message for the details.

Happy customizing. icon smile
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Transformer factions metal transfer decal and water slide decal

Friday, April 12, 2013

Iron Man Mark 3 Repaint

Commission repaint to restore the colors. The red is actually custom mix of Gaianotes color, clear red and bright red. The base is silver with subtle shading.

Iron Man Mark 3 Repaint

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3 repaint part 2.

Continue with the repaint of Hot Toys Iron Man Mk 3.  I shade the armor with subtle black painted on the lines and grooves, the shade is visible even with few heavy wet coat of the semi clear red. shading 300x225 After painted the red its time to touch up on the details, i use acrylic matt black to paint the detail and panel lines. IMAG0961 300x225 The before and after repaint, i use brighter red compare to hot toys iron man mk 3. I do observe that Hot Toys iron man mk 3 painting is different from the battle damage version, battle damage version is better than normal version. But the cons is battle damage version faded (abdomen armor) over time. I do believe is due to the paints hot toys used, whereas normal version is just color of the rubber. So, it won’t faded as much as battle damage. Of course dust and oil do affect the rubber to look ‘worn out’. bnf 300x225 More photo coming soon.  :)

Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3 repaint part 2.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3 repaint part 1

Commission repaint for the Hot Toys Iron Man mk3. The figures was in very bad shape when i receive it, color look dull and dirty, some paints even start to crack.  Wonder what this Iron Man gone through with his previous owner.

IMAG0393 225x300

So my job is to repaint and give back the shine he should have, so i decided to paint it in slightly different red and gold.

The paint work of the head.

head 225x300 IMAG0948 200x300 The paintwork for the leg.

leg 300x300 I use mr. color gold (no. 9) with custom mixed semi clear red, bout 30% gaia bright red 70% gaia clear red.

I had finish painted the torso as well, and the next step would be painting the details and touch up the those error during masking, for stay tuned for more.

Hot Toys Iron Man mk 3 repaint part 1
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