Saturday, May 25, 2013

Remove paint with oven cleaner.

Read on friend’s post regarding remove paint with oven cleaner, before this i heard about removing paints with DOT 3 brake fluids, which might risk making the plastic fragile and break. Beside, it will be take some time rinsing the kits clean.

So i decide to buy one oven cleaner and give it a try, it cost around rm13. In can spray, with lemon fragrance.IMAG1147 Here is the test subject, 1/100 NG Infinite Justice back pack, which i completed years ago,dark purple paint is enamel, while the white is lacquer.

I spray the oven cleaner all over the backpack, the solution is quiet thick and it stay on the kits. Leave it for 4-6 hours before scrub and brushing it.

Here’s the result after soaked 4 hours with minimal brushing and scrubbing with toothbrush. The paints come off easily, both lacquer and enamel, even the decal come off with minimal effort (it was top coated with enamel top coat).
IMAG1150 The plastic part is still in good condition, no melt/warp and didn’t brittle. The cleaner rinse off easily with water. Its a nice substitute for thinner and DOT 3 fluids for paints stripping.

Remove paint with oven cleaner.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

WIP: HGUC Kampfer part 5

After completed the painting the HGUC Kampfer, its time to apply water slide decals.

Topcoat after decals (3 layers) to protect the decal, and i sand area around the decal to eliminate the uneven surface.IMAG1081 I use wave option parts to create monoeye of Kampfer. IMAG1084


Comparison between the original HG kits with modified and painted kits.comparison

More photo at gallery,

For higher resolution do visit my flickr,

WIP: HGUC Kampfer part 5

Friday, May 17, 2013

HGUC: Kampfer

First ever super glossy finish on gunpla. Whole new experience on such striking painting.

Took 1 week plus on the painting itself, due to the wet coat of the clear blue, its better to let it dry couple of days before proceed to top coat.

No compound and polishing, just smooth paint work.

HGUC: Kampfer

Monday, May 13, 2013

WIP: HGUC Kampfer part 4

Still working on the HGUC Kampfer. Now its painting time,  tested some blue on spoons before painting on the kits.

The right one is custom mix clear blue (Gaia clear blue + clear black + small amount clear purple), the left is gaianote clear blue.

Seen like the gaianote clear blue is more vibrant and more suitable for Kampfer.


Here’s the step and layers of paints, to achieve candy coat / metallic color.

1. Gaianote ultimate black (ratio 1: 2.5 ~3 paints: thinner)

2. Mr. Color SM03

3. Gaianote clear blue (ratio 1: 2.5 paints: thinner)

blue I added little bit of retarder mild in the paints as well. It prolong the drying time and enable the paints to level itself, so it have smoother paint work.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for next progress.

WIP: HGUC Kampfer part 4

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Testing gold color

Bought mr hobby GX111 clear gold couple months back. Was curious about the result of that paint, therefore i decided to test out and compare with different gold color on black and white base. Here i use gunblade pearl powder + clear coat, mr color gold, mr color GX111 clear gold and gaia 122 starbright gold. IMAG1012 Masked half of the spoon and spray gaia ultimate black (glossy) on it, take off the mask then spray different gold colors.

Gold pearl powder

Black base: The pearl pigments/flakes is obviously shown under black paints.

White base: Pearl effect can be seen under light, but hard to capture by camera. Very subtle yet interesting effect, i used on Optimus repaint as well,

EX111 clear gold

Black base: The clear gold is make out of semi transparent flakes, the black color is obviously seen.

White base: Look like clear yellow but glittering.

gaia 122 starbright gold (Gaia got the finest flakes among these paints.)

Black base: Deep gold color, with better reflection.

White base: Paler gold compare to black base.

mr. color 9 gold 

Black base: Darker gold. Rough pigments become obvious under dark base.

White base: Lighter gold.  Not obvious pigments.
DSC06526 Different angle of light also create different tones.spoon

Still finding the better usage of the clear gold, i won’t be using it to achieve gold effect. Star Bright Gold will be my option to achieve nice and bright gold, and i actually had complete a kits with that color,

As for the mr. color gold, i used it on Iron Man repaint,

Testing gold color
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