Saturday, June 29, 2013

Avatar's AMP Suit

Collectible figure from Mattel. Custom painted and weathered.

Hand painted some paint chipped effect, with some mud and sand effects.

Scratch build some part on the cockpit make it more movie accurate.

Avatar's AMP Suit

Friday, June 28, 2013

WIP: Mattel Avatar AMP suit.

Been working on this collection for almost 3 weeks, finally got the spare time to write about it.

The collection is Mattel Avatar AMP suit, as seen in James Cameron’s Avatar. I done some simple review of the collection here,

Added some details on the cockpit. Here’s the comparison of the original and modified cockpit.

cockpit done 300x225

Done some chipping and scratches effect by using hairspray and metal brush. I forgot to snap some progress photo, think i will do a simple steps by steps of hair spray technique next round.chips

Sand and mud effect with the help of Tamiya soil effects. Although its kinda expensive, but the bottle can last long time, i had use this soil effect for few diorama and i still have more than half bottle of it. Ok, cut the crap, i mix both grit effect and soil effect with little of water and put it on the suit. Wait it dry and brush the access away with water and toothbrush. tamiya soil 300x225
Here’s after the brushing. after wash 225x300

To do the streaking effect, i used oil paints with enamel thinner. First i draw some line over the armor with yellow and brown, then i brush it away with enamel thinner, in 1 direction which is downward. Follow by black oil paints and the brush continue, continue until satisfy with the effects.streaks 300x200

Here’s the overall comparison of the original toys with custom painted suit. beforeafter 300x200

More photo coming soon.

WIP: Mattel Avatar AMP suit.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Group Builds gathering of SFTPMS and Pla-zone members

The gathering was on Saturday 15th June, just got some time to upload the photos today.

Organised by SFTPMS and sponsored by HHQ, a meetups of several group builds participants, e.g far east gb (SMM), Aviation gb (Pla-zone & SMM), Peace in middle east gb (SMM).

Here’s some photo of the builds, sorry for the bad photos, i was using my phone, lazy to bring my heavy camera along.

IMAG1251 150x150

IMAG1246 150x150 IMAG1250 150x150 IMAG1249 150x150 IMAG1248 150x150 IMAG1247 150x150 IMAG1245 150x150 IMAG1242 150x150 IMAG1244 150x150 IMAG1241 150x150 IMAG1239 150x150 IMAG1238 150x150 IMAG1240 150x150 IMAG1237 150x150 IMAG1236 150x150 IMAG1233 150x150 IMAG1234 150x150 IMAG1232 150x150 IMAG1230 150x150 IMAG1229 150x150 IMAG1228 150x150 IMAG1227 150x150 IMAG1226 150x150 IMAG1225 150x150 IMAG1224 150x150 IMAG1223 150x150 IMAG1222 150x150 IMAG1221 150x150 IMAG1220 150x150 IMAG1219 150x150 IMAG1218 150x150 IMAG1217 150x150

The prize giving and winners photo is too blur and feel embarrass to show them.

Overall those builds are nice and i still got lots to learn to achieve such finishing.

Group Builds gathering of SFTPMS and Pla-zone members

Monday, June 10, 2013

ToyMaker Vs BeckyCustomizer


As most of you know by now, I have started work on my Perfect Strike for GBWC 2013. Coincidentally, Kenny (Toymaker) is working on the same kit, So I am taking this opportunity to do a face off with Toymaker. This will no doubt push me to finish it. At the same time, pitting my skills against TM will no doubt bring mine own skills to a higher level.

So GBWC2013, here we come!!

I’m still assembling the PG Strike, and will take a different approach on the Strike. Stay tuned for more updates.


Kenny1 Becky1 2

ToyMaker Vs BeckyCustomizer

Gundam mid year challenge 2013 Malaysia - winners

Gundam mid-year challenge 2013 Malaysia winners was announce on 9 June 2013, here is the photos of winners.

w9 300x225 Champion

w10 300x225 1st runner up

w11 300x225 2nd runner up

w12 300x225 Merit

w4 300x225 Junior cat. champion

w5 300x225 Junior cat. 1st runner up

w6 300x225 Junior cat 2nd runner up

w7 300x225 Junior cat merit

w8 300x225 Junior cat merit

w3 300x225 New Junior champ 

w2 300x225 Best age and Open merit

w1 300x225 Best creative and modification


Here is the works with its award won.

999260 4783750842736 49359034 n 220x300 969213 4783748242671 1621896543 n 220x300 970202 4783750202720 281516230 n 220x300 970367 4783747242646 1322882496 n 220x300 992959 4783747562654 1626904208 n 220x300 947119 4783749922713 1131858497 n 220x300 944419 4783746802635 1022432438 n 220x300 935231 4783749042691 498289737 n 220x300 931316 4783751282747 1242640715 n 300x224 580407 4783749682707 112567240 n 220x300 10577 4783748682682 683079032 n 220x300 8797 4783749402700 961564943 n 220x300 7815 4783747722658 93363386 n 220x300 1005116 4783751962764 1937513101 n 300x224

And the group photo of the winners. w13 300x225

Next round of gunpla event will be on early October 2013 and it will be an Expo!!Yeah, finally its here, predict it will be an exciting one and with more participants and bigger entries. Really need to get moving, don’t want to end up like this mid year :p (unable to complete in time).

Gundam mid year challenge 2013 Malaysia - winners
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