Saturday, June 8, 2013

Malaysia Gundam mid-year challenge 2013


Went to the Gundam competition on the 5th day. The number of entries is much better compare to last year. Over 70 entries,  with some awesome scrath build and kitbash.

Although i can’t make it for this round. yet it still excited me and will come for the result announcement on Sunday.

Here the photos i took.

DSC07409 150x150 DSC07408 150x150 DSC07406 150x150 DSC07405 150x150 DSC07404 150x150 DSC07403 150x150 DSC07402 150x150 DSC07400 150x150 DSC07396 150x150 DSC07397 150x150 DSC07398 150x150 DSC07399 150x150 DSC07395 150x150 DSC07394 150x150 DSC07392 150x150 DSC07391 150x150 DSC07387 150x150 DSC07388 150x150 DSC07389 150x150 DSC07390 150x150 DSC07386 150x150 DSC07385 150x150 DSC07384 150x150 DSC07383 150x150 DSC07378 150x150 DSC07379 150x150 DSC07380 150x150 DSC07381 150x150 DSC07374 150x150 DSC07373 150x150 DSC07372 150x150 DSC07370 150x150 DSC07366 150x150 DSC07367 150x150 DSC07368 150x150 DSC07369 150x150 DSC07365 150x150 DSC07364 150x150 DSC07363 150x150 DSC07362 150x150 DSC07358 150x150 DSC07359 150x150 DSC07360 150x150 DSC07361 150x150 DSC07357 150x150 DSC07356 150x150 DSC07354 150x150 DSC07353 150x150 DSC07349 150x150 DSC07350 150x150 DSC07351 150x150 DSC07352 150x150 DSC07348 150x150 DSC07347 150x150 DSC07346 150x150 DSC07343 150x150 DSC07339 150x150 DSC07340 150x150 DSC07341 150x150 DSC07342 150x150 DSC07338 150x150 DSC07337 150x150 DSC07336 150x150 DSC07334 150x150 DSC07327 150x150 DSC07329 150x150 DSC07330 150x150 DSC07331 150x150 DSC07326 150x150 DSC07325 150x150 DSC07321 150x150 DSC07319 150x150

Some new releases which interested me.

DSC07414 150x150

RG strike weapon system, its a nice reference

DSC07412 150x150

DSC07411 150x150 DSC07410 150x150


HGUC Messala and HGUC Gerbera Tetra, will definitely get the messala, Gerbera seem smaller in size compare to older mold.

Malaysia Gundam mid-year challenge 2013

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