Friday, June 28, 2013

WIP: Mattel Avatar AMP suit.

Been working on this collection for almost 3 weeks, finally got the spare time to write about it.

The collection is Mattel Avatar AMP suit, as seen in James Cameron’s Avatar. I done some simple review of the collection here,

Added some details on the cockpit. Here’s the comparison of the original and modified cockpit.

cockpit done 300x225

Done some chipping and scratches effect by using hairspray and metal brush. I forgot to snap some progress photo, think i will do a simple steps by steps of hair spray technique next round.chips

Sand and mud effect with the help of Tamiya soil effects. Although its kinda expensive, but the bottle can last long time, i had use this soil effect for few diorama and i still have more than half bottle of it. Ok, cut the crap, i mix both grit effect and soil effect with little of water and put it on the suit. Wait it dry and brush the access away with water and toothbrush. tamiya soil 300x225
Here’s after the brushing. after wash 225x300

To do the streaking effect, i used oil paints with enamel thinner. First i draw some line over the armor with yellow and brown, then i brush it away with enamel thinner, in 1 direction which is downward. Follow by black oil paints and the brush continue, continue until satisfy with the effects.streaks 300x200

Here’s the overall comparison of the original toys with custom painted suit. beforeafter 300x200

More photo coming soon.

WIP: Mattel Avatar AMP suit.

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