Friday, August 9, 2013

WIP: 1/24 Toyota GT-One

Some simple in-progress. Start with the engine parts. Lot of colors and with different metallic.603859 308884442577025 1828445677 n 1001076 339035619561907 600503664 n 180x300 66482 339535446178591 743101972 n 300x200


Follow by painting the body.

cd443b06fdbb11e282b622000ae912ed 7 300x300

62424 343066082492194 1420878443 n 300x300 Top coat (at least 5 layers) then only start to wet sand, and compound.

Here’s the engine parts with interior look like.

c0289900ff8a11e288ea22000a1f9318 7 300x300

Here’s the completed gallery.


WIP: 1/24 Toyota GT-One

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