Monday, October 28, 2013

WIP: Classic sunstorm

Commission repaint to convert a star cream into sunstorm. First i unscrew the parts, then prime the kits in white, i prefer white prime for bright color such as red, yellow orange etc. It make the color more vibrant, and less layer of paints needed. 1379405 10151839196319213 514972115 n 300x300 red and white strips like the classic sunstorm.1384382 10151844087454213 1740191197 n 300x300 After done with the painting, draw panel lines with Tamiya panel line accent, it bring out the lines and details nicely.
panel lines 300x225 Comparison of the original color with my custom repaint.

sunstorm 225x300 Completed gallery can be seen here,


WIP: Classic sunstorm

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