Saturday, November 30, 2013

WIP: Iron Man mk 3 battle damage ver. 2.0

Got some queries on how i repaint the Hot toys iron man, so i posting this out on what the steps i took and some pointer. Hope this help.
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This Iron man was sent from Hong Kong, the owner even build compartment for every parts. How cool. Haha.

1468594 384918028306999 260704385 n 300x300


Take off the parts and give it a bath with some detergent, separate the electronic part out, only soak those parts with no electronic, and wipe with damp cloth for others.1450720 384918031640332 1347171185 n 300x300

After cleaning, dry it and mask those clear parts. 1463076 384918058306996 2004448459 n 300x300

I prefer candy color method, so i spray with silver as base, then some shading with clear black on the panel and lines.
1465241 384918024973666 1196858431 n 300x300

Before spraying the red, i apply mold release on some of the parts to replicate scratches and paint chip. Usually mix my paint very thin like water then spray it on with 0.3mm nozzle hand piece with 15-20 PSI, spray until wet and shiny.  3-4 layers, 15-20 minutes interval.

Oh ya, the paint i use for the red is Gaianote Clear Red 041.

1451984 388041014661367 368817813 n 300x300

After done with the painting, time to ‘damage’ it. Since i had apply mold release earlier its kinda easy just scratch with finger to reveal the paint underneath. I even use knife to scratch more of the paint off.

1472034 388041404661328 1556024828 n 300x300 I even lightly spray some matt grey on some area, make some burnt marks, and hand paint the scratches with some dark grey.

The completed gallery can be see here,



WIP: Iron Man mk 3 battle damage ver. 2.0

Monday, November 18, 2013

1/6 Iron Man mk 3 battle damage ver.2.0

This is Hot Toys mk 3 battle damage version. The client want my version of battle scratches, so this is the second time i repaint battle scratches on iron man.

Try on plaster mold release for some of the chipping effect, some is hand painted and some is scratch with pen knife.


1/6 Iron Man mk 3 battle damage ver.2.0

Sunday, November 17, 2013

WIP: Warhammer 40k wall of martyrs: vengeance weapon battery

First time working on warhammer 40k model kits, new experience for me, I like to try on new things. Here us the box and the contents. All the parts are pre-cut, all it need is putty and cement.IMAG1554 200x300

Skulls as decorations on the side of the wall, no need much clean up, just minor sanding on the side.IMAG1562 200x300

This wall details need some putty and sanding. IMAG1561 300x200 Parts for both turret is almost the same just the weapon is optional.IMAG1559 200x300 Optional part to choose, Gatling gun and cannon. I build both wall with different weapon option.
IMAG1560 200x300 Beside some holes, this kit also full with mold lines, need to clean them out, i using ceramic blade to do the job.
IMAG1565 200x300

Paint the big surface with air brush method, before i hand paint on the details. I used lacquer paint to air brush and acrylic to hand paint. Since i like to test things out, so i bought some different brand of hand paint acrylic. IMAG1569 200x300

After hand paint the details.IMAG1571 200x300

After the hand paint, i move on to weathering the wall and dry brush the details. Here is the gallery,

WIP: Warhammer 40k wall of martyrs: vengeance weapon battery

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP: HGUC Palace Athene part 2

Suppose to be mid year entry this year, can’t make it in time, and since then been busy with other commission works. Just make out some time to complete it last week, and only now i got the time and mood to write something bout it :p

Basically just left panel line and decals, here is the previous WIP,

Samuel decal i bought few year ago, glad it didn’t turn yellow or getting brittle. icon smile 1a29435042b111e38e2522000aeb0d71 7 300x300 The logo of Athena, waiting it dry from decal softener.

e880a868437611e38dae22000ae81e0b 7 300x300


Display it at Kuantan toys exhibition with my other works.IMAG1586 300x225 Here is the completed gallery,


WIP: HGUC Palace Athene part 2

Thursday, November 7, 2013

HGUC Palace Athene

Palace Athene – featured in Mobile Suits Zeta Gundam. One of the anti-protagonist which catch my attention.

I don’t like the bulky skirt, therefore i redesign and rebuilt it, also replace the rubber tubes with springs.

Painted in custom mix yellow green with subtle shading. Decals is from Samuel decals, love those decorations.

HGUC Palace Athene

Wall of Martyrs - Vengeance weapons battery

First time working on miniatures/ table top games model kits. Its an straight forward glue and paint kits, just some minor patch up on the parts.

The sculpt is really nice with all the skulls and details on the wall, it gave it a ‘Gothic’ feel, which i found quiet interesting.

Wall of Martyrs - Vengeance weapons battery
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