Sunday, November 17, 2013

WIP: Warhammer 40k wall of martyrs: vengeance weapon battery

First time working on warhammer 40k model kits, new experience for me, I like to try on new things. Here us the box and the contents. All the parts are pre-cut, all it need is putty and cement.IMAG1554 200x300

Skulls as decorations on the side of the wall, no need much clean up, just minor sanding on the side.IMAG1562 200x300

This wall details need some putty and sanding. IMAG1561 300x200 Parts for both turret is almost the same just the weapon is optional.IMAG1559 200x300 Optional part to choose, Gatling gun and cannon. I build both wall with different weapon option.
IMAG1560 200x300 Beside some holes, this kit also full with mold lines, need to clean them out, i using ceramic blade to do the job.
IMAG1565 200x300

Paint the big surface with air brush method, before i hand paint on the details. I used lacquer paint to air brush and acrylic to hand paint. Since i like to test things out, so i bought some different brand of hand paint acrylic. IMAG1569 200x300

After hand paint the details.IMAG1571 200x300

After the hand paint, i move on to weathering the wall and dry brush the details. Here is the gallery,

WIP: Warhammer 40k wall of martyrs: vengeance weapon battery

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