Tuesday, December 17, 2013

1/35 scale kotobukiya Gunhed

IMAG1751 225x300

GUNHED is a 1989 Japanese live-action mecha film, with the bad-ass transforming mecha. Kotobukiya make this Gunhed in 1/35 scale, as i experience with Kotobukiya kits before, it not going to be as easy as Bandai kits. Just give a quick check on the contents, and see what i get myself into :p :p

The box is roughly the size of middle size MG box, here i compare with MG Gundam mk 2 box.

IMAG1752 300x225 IMAG1755 300x225

The parts inside. Come with water slide decals.

IMAG1756 300x225 Info on the mecha, which it got 2 mode, G1 tank mode and G2 Standing mode. A transforming tank, hmm, interesting.IMAG1757 300x225 Color guide on the Gunhed, look like gonna stick everything up then only paint it, like building a tank.IMAG1758 225x300 2 pages of instruction on how to transform from G1 to G2 mode.IMAG1761 300x225 IMAG1762 300x225 Very interesting design and not the usual mecha i build. Will work on it after chinese new year, which is around february 2014. So, stay tuned  :)

1/35 scale kotobukiya Gunhed

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