Friday, December 6, 2013

Quick review Transformers Generation Metroplex

Just got this transformers generation metroplex from a client, going to custom into metrotitan. Not going to start the work yet, just open box for quick check up and find the possibility of modifications. DSC08559 300x225

Think its a China version, with info on the box written in chinese.
DSC08575 300x225 Its same length with MG Hi Nu, almost 2 feet.DSC08560 300x225 Thicker than the MG Hi Nu.DSC08561 225x300 The height of the titan is almost same as the box.DSC08563 225x300 Come with the manual and stickers. Kinda like it.DSC08574 300x225 The batteries compartment for the lights and sound effect.DSC08579 225x300 DSC08585 225x300 Assembling the right hand is quiet easy just push it in the hole, but since i going to mod it so will not assemble it now.DSC08578 300x225 Checking with the details on this titan, the hand need some work on it, filling in the holes.DSC08573 300x225 Shoulder cannon also hollow on the inside, need to touch up on this.DSC08583 225x300 The compartment at the left shoulder can fit a legend class figure.DSC08586 300x225 The right arm also got the similar compartment.DSC08587 300x225 The box come with legend class scamper. Fit nicely in the motorway/runway. As well in the weapons compartment.DSC08588 300x225 DSC08591 300x225 As i got other custom to rush so just playing around with the robot mode, didn’t transform into vehicle or city mode. Will get back to this titan on January. Phew ….. back to work.


Quick review Transformers Generation Metroplex

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