Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WIP: Revell's Republic Star Destroyer

Commission build on Revell’s Republic Star Destroyer.

Custom order the frame to fit with the Star Destroyer. The kits itself is about 50cm long.

1469842 389285214536947 1521605699 n 300x300 Custom printed sticker for the background.

1461759 10151935825619213 1743686100 n 300x200

Hollow up the thruster to put in LED and detail up with brake disc photo-etch.d5d0261c527111e3977912351092712f 7 300x300 1459820 10151921931949213 1359729373 n 200x300 Light up with 5mm white LED. IMAG1679 200x300 Add in details with some steyrene strips, kotobukiya details parts and some Bandai upgrade parts.1486120 10151946295579213 981650067 o 200x300 1486126 10151943953239213 1591128866 o 200x300 Painted the base with custom mix light grey, then proceed to masking to add in different color tones.1417479 10151950075299213 2076708164 o 200x300 Proceed with washing, the left side upper hull is washed with very thin black enamel and clean with enamel thinner, right is just after painting.IMAG1723 200x300 Then proceed to inserting the fiber optic and LED, the holes are drill before painting. IMAG1733 200x300 The comparison of before and after. Untitled 1 225x300

WIP: Revell's Republic Star Destroyer

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