Monday, July 21, 2014

1/35 scale Tamiya M1A1 Abrams with mine plow

Collaboration with Vast Hobby.

Assemble and painting: Vast Hobby

Weathering, mine plow add-on and Display base: Becky Customizer

1/35 scale Tamiya M1A1 Abrams with mine plow

Thursday, July 17, 2014

0 Gundam (type A.C.D)

Scribe some new panel lines, use samuel decal water slide decals.

Very nice HG kits to work with, only minor seam lines need to remove.

0 Gundam (type A.C.D)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hot Toys Iron Man MK7 projects.

Commission build for hot toys iron man mk 7, to paint it into marvel now version and to heavy damage the ironman.

For the black iron man, i disassemble most of the parts, so i be easy for me to paint. Use gaianote pure black and top cop with mr color GX clear gloss.

925545 661517717262329 607218151 n 300x300 Assemble part by part once i done the painting. The gold is paint over the black.
926796 479714745465457 2091435938 n 300x300 Tint the reactor with clear red.10454151 782673385107002 1768984869 n 300x300 The light on and it will show red. Just like in the comic.924553 539420296187496 437567353 n 300x300 As for the heavy damage mk 7, i cut a portion of the chest piece out, then detail it up with photoetch hexagon mesh, and other PE which used to details up automotive models.10488045 496618363803631 1023430089765610305 n 225x300 The chest piece is assemble and the hole can reveal the detail inside. Repaint on the damage with alclad burn iron, and dry brush with silver. The rest of the body is wash with enamel paint, and minor scuffing with silver paint.10488475 1510260732519316 266391897 n 300x300

Hot Toys Iron Man MK7 projects.

Marvel Now Iron Man

Repaint Hot Toys Iron Man mk 7 into Marvel Now Iron Man color.

Marvel Now Iron Man

Iron Man mk 7 heavy damaged version.

Customized Hot Toys Iron man. Drill holes in iron man mk 7 chest piece, to reveal the inner frame.

Done some repaint as well.

Iron Man mk 7 heavy damaged version.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Weathering Captain America shield

As the shield of Captain America figure (Hot Toys) started to chip, its better to make a weathered shield out of it, with serious paint chip and burn mark / mud. Yes, you read it right, paint chip at the shield of an expensive figure, just like Hot Toys Ironman infamous pink panty, the Captain America figure also suffer the same quality issue as the paint started to crack and chip off.

Okay think i skip the whine and just get to the weathering topic. I was given a screen shot of the Captain America 2:Winter Soldier movie, as you can see the shield is full of smudge, think that is burn mark, and need to replicate that effect.
10519034 10202282048639844 2071175949 o 300x125 Before the smudge effect, i done chipping the paint and some filter of enamel paint, to make it dusty and dirty, then i seal it with top coat. 929125 667768356650283 1539982177 n 300x300

Next i randomly spray some enamel black on the shield.IMG 0625 300x200 Then i wipe it off with cotton bud dip with enamel thinner, make sure the work prior is seal with lacquer top coat.

IMG 0627 300x200 So this is more and less the result i looking for, still need some cleaning to do. Hope this info helpful for weathering. As there are many ways and step in this, still practicing and learning. icon smile



Weathering Captain America shield

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Weather my HGUC Palace Athene

The HGUC Palace Athene was done for more than half year already,  clean build with some modification, can view the gallery here,

Since i out of time for new build, so i just gonna weather it and add a base for it.

I accidentally deleted the WIP photo of the process of how i weather my kits, so i just gonna explain it without much pictures.

I spray a layer of very thinned Testors Model Master Graungrün RLM 74,  then i wipe it off the enamel thinner, using cotton bud, leaving some streak marks on the surface.

The paint chip is painted with very fine brush, using US Olive drab vallejo paint. Silver are boltgun metal from Citadel. Here is the comparison.

palace 300x225 Add some LED on the base, with wool as smoke and explosion effect, still need some adjustment and enhancement there.  Photo can be seen here,


Weather my HGUC Palace Athene

Palace Athene Battle Damage version

Enter the Malaysia Gundam Model Kit Contest and won 2nd runner up.

Enhance the finishing with some paint chip and weathering, with custom make action base.

Palace Athene Battle Damage version

Monday, June 16, 2014

Gundam Model Kit Contest 2014 Malaysia winners.

Gundam Model kit Contest 2014 a.k.a Mid-Year Challenge.

The result are out, and to my surprise i won 3rd place in open category.

Here are the winning entries.

Open Category Champion88 200x300 Open category second place.461 200x300

Open category 3rd place. 271 200x300 Open category merits.76 200x300 89 200x300 531 200x300 Youth Category champion77 200x300 Youth Category 2nd place361 300x200 Youth category 3rd place.

301 300x200

New challenger champion.681 300x200
I forgot to drop down the winning entries for the youth merit and junior category.

Here is photo of prize giving, photo courtesy to Vincent Phang (Macross Fans Malaysia)

DSC 0781 300x198 Photo Jun 15 17 37 29 300x224

Gundam Model Kit Contest 2014 Malaysia winners.

Monday, June 9, 2014

75 years of Batman at Pavillion KL

Went to Pavillion for movie, might as well drop by the display and celebration of 75th anniversary of Batman. Not really a big fans of Batman himself, but i like Batmobile. Just like what Batman say, chicks love the cars. :p
batman01 300x200

batman02 300x200

The wall of milestone.batman03 200x300

1:1 scale of Batpod and Batman.
batman04 300x200

batman05 300x200

batman06 300x200

batman07 200x300

batman08 200x300

batman09 200x300

batman10 200x300

Mask shown in 1989 Batman (left), Batman and Robin (right).batman11 300x200

batman12 300x200

batman13 300x200

batman14 200x300

batman15 200x300

batman16 300x200

batman17 300x200

batman18 300x200

batman19 300x200

batman20 300x200

batman21 300x200

batman22 200x300

batman23 300x200

batman24 200x300

batman25 200x300

Here is the model kits i have, still hunting for some. Wish to build a batcave and display these kits in it.batman26 300x200

75 years of Batman at Pavillion KL
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