Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Team Nexus

Joined the team for some time, it’s an international group with member passionate about gunpla and mecha kits. Was invited by the leader TJ a.k.a TR13 last year, been sharing my works there since July 2013.

The group consist of 23 members, with different nationality and races but we all share the same passion and love, and that is ——- Gunpla!!!!

Facebook pages of team nexus:

Here is some work from the team.

1795991 546312508816029 1748307341 o 300x200 MG Destiny ver. RX By T_industry

1898550 547672085346738 995034995231466220 o 169x300 MG Jesta by Mechaman

1898879 542453585868588 388602081 o 200x300 RG Gp01 by living01

1921058 529399470507333 1828964635 o 300x291 MG Sazabi ver. ka by Shimomi

1979716 541993815914565 1098053111 n 300x225 1/100 Sazabi formania by Don

Modelers of Team Nexus:

Team Nexus

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