Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Model Kit building flowchart

model kits flow chart


Basically this is the process i been through, most of the time.

Just an idea/overview the whole process.

Model Kit building flowchart

Saturday, May 24, 2014

WIP: King Kong statue.

Very happy that i got the chance to work on a awesome sculpture, sculpted by Joe Bailey.

The limbs of the king kong are separated during molding, have to glue the limbs with epoxy glue for extra strong bonds.kkwip00 225x300 The gaps between the limbs and body are very obvious even some area lost the details of the fur, have to resculpt it with bondite epoxy putty.

Bondite is a local brand of hardware putty, but it can be use for scale modelling and sculpting work. I worked on the putty with my Deathscythe Inferno as well.

Here i repair the fur on the butt.kkwip01 225x300 Fill up the gaps between limbs and restore some fur texture.kkwip02 300x225 Here’s how i work on the putty, with the aid of sculpting tools.kkwip03 300x225 Here is photo before the painting.kkwip04 225x300 The figure is hand painted with vallejo acrylics, nice paint for figures and miniatures.

kkwip05 225x300 Completed gallery, http://www.beckycustomizer.com/completed-works-gallery/#2142


WIP: King Kong statue.

King Kong 2005 Statue

King kong 2005 rendition sculpture.

Huge statue, height more than 30cm, and weight about 5-6 kg. Very great sculpt, but with some molding problem.

Used a whole pack of bondite epoxy putty just to sculpt back the fur and filling the gaps between limbs.

Different painting method to get the shading, skin texture, blood and scars. Ann Darrow (the blonde girl) is fully hand painted with acrylics paint, minor shading and layering.

King Kong 2005 Statue

Monday, May 19, 2014

1/20 scale Ma. K Luna Pawn

My first Ma. K (Machinen Kriger) Luna Pawn, complete 2 years back but haven’t build it a base.

After such long delay, finally arranged some time to build it. First experience with snow effect, still need some improvement.

Yeah, another personal collection in the inventory icon smile

More information about Ma. K, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maschinen_Krieger_ZbV_3000

1/20 scale Ma. K Luna Pawn

Shizuoka Hobby show 2014

Shizuoka hobby show 2014 just wrapped up yesterday, it bring a lot of surprise to fellow hobbyist, especially from Bandai company, announced the new grade on Gunpla, and some future release which include the big size Neo-Zeong, and live action movie Patlabor plamo. Here is list of announce by various company http://www.hlj.com/shizuoka2014.html

What interest me the most are the showcase of model works from various clubs/community. Found some info through Facebook, about the booths of various scale modeler / clubs, kinda jealous of them, have so much scale model enthusiast with amazing works, how i wish i can be there. Even wildriver, sukottu gurei and Satoshi Araki are there, love their work so much.

map 300x225


Some of the works display at the hobby show. Found on Facebook.603683 664177046998852 2044431953399704309 n 225x300 603694 280945012066496 7964464988230737763 n 300x225 1377236 10201973661199526 5916055452758731043 n 300x225 10262145 10201972893220327 57022269157112163 n 225x300 10268650 10201973657079423 1871830319068678955 n 300x225 10269406 286530608195160 1519160902622772008 n 300x225 10290618 285449624964454 3315819720577036057 n 300x225 10292149 10201973660999521 4402899087045286083 n 300x225 10298651 275788955925462 4860268748918814566 o 256x300 10313037 650339201706836 1791477899235822639 n 300x225 10321630 275789335925424 6018590850720679618 o 213x300 10352745 10201973668839717 8230589934431009988 n 300x225 10356339 10201973654999371 3416103068800811629 n 300x225 10385494 646457595430798 2943954950206463963 n 300x225 10390053 10201973654199351 6396822388707491281 n 300x225 10390315 10201973668959720 1501490582487294868 n 300x225


Satoshi’s booth. awesomeness!1511772 501803916608321 7187605032607129028 o 223x300 10255850 502271576561555 353983464757940822 n 223x300 10256523 653120261425732 8269270426843491001 o 236x300 10387140 502271573228222 8996241008526064132 o 223x300

Wilriver works. 10308877 661461120607024 1886396912407628501 n 300x225 10256530 661461103940359 3966044101121979294 n 300x225 Some very impressive works.

10259231 501846939937352 8605873612530279602 o 223x300 10269281 501812959940750 3917100840867038405 o1 223x300 10273152 501846946604018 7949415335786505921 o 223x300 10321737 501846943270685 1052451271719154068 o 223x300 10333452 501812783274101 4811757956564084956 o 223x300 10359110 501805193274860 210111125125147638 o 223x300


Shizuoka Hobby show 2014

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hot Toys Ironmonger battle damaged

Hot Toys Ironmonger.

Enhance the weathering (dry brush, paint chips, rust effect) and add in bullet holes and scratches.

Custom make the base from cement and plaster.

Hot Toys Ironmonger battle damaged

Friday, May 16, 2014

C2AGE RAVE 2014 - afterthough

C2AGE, the abbreviation of Cosplay, Comics, Anime and Games Exhibition. RAVE  (Radicalizing Anime Via Entertainment.) was the theme for 2014 event, it’s organized by HELP University at metro mall pudu branch.

I was invited to the event for the first time, bringing in the gunpla builder community (Pla-zone and SFTPMS) to spice up the exhibition, as i know i don’t have enough works to display such big area, got 6 banquet table for my booth.

special project 300x225

SFTPMS (Selangor and Federal Territory Platic Modelling Society), join this community for about 6 years i think, it’s one of the community that i learn my fundamental knowledge and skills, the member are more diverse scale modeler, consist of sci-fi, gunpla, tank, airplane, ship etc. Their objective is to promote scale model hobby, and there will more join-venture project in future. Here’s some info of the society, http://malaysiascalemodelling.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=2&Itemid=40 , forums http://z12.invisionfree.com/ScaleModelsMalaysia/index.php?act=idx

Pla-zone, established around 2011/2012, promote not only gunpla, but other scale model as well. Most of the members are active in gunpla event in Malaysia.  Here is the forums, http://pla-zone.com/

sponsors 300x225

I was asked to conduct a class/workshop for gunpla in the mean time sponsor some kits to attract the participants. This is the first time i have a solo workshop, which kinda freak me, was very nervous throughout the class, but glad i make it icon smile

1010358 630357583707075 7269266554737382903 n 300x168 10174793 630361677039999 8336597034186727770 n 300x168

Photo of me during the class, and lucky draw (for giving the prize away). Photo courtesy to Piscean works.

Enjoyed the team work between Pla-zone (Lim Sherman, Renny, Jonathan, Raymond, Mr Engineer, etc), SFTPMS (Harman Zulkifli, Chow Hock Lee), and some young friends (yee siang and Justin),  hope to work with you guys again.

10268506 630474623695371 4087563837239292475 n 300x168

Beside my team, i like to sent my gratitude to other groups, the Macross Fans Malaysia, Transmy, Dragon Sim, etc. Keep in contact and thanks for the updates guys  :)

Here are attraction on the event.

IMG 0524 300x200 IMG 0525 300x200 IMG 0526 300x200 IMG 0527 300x200 IMG 0528 300x200 IMG 0529 300x200 IMG 0530 300x200 IMG 0531 300x200 IMG 0532 200x300 IMG 0533 200x300 IMG 0534 300x200 IMG 0535 300x200 IMG 0536 300x200 IMG 0537 300x200 IMG 0538 200x300 IMG 0539 200x300 IMG 0540 200x300 IMG 0541 200x300 IMG 0542 200x300 IMG 0543 200x300 IMG 0544 200x300 IMG 0549 200x300 IMG 0550 200x300 IMG 0558 300x200 IMG 0559 300x200 IMG 0576 300x200 IMG 0582 300x200 IMG 0583 300x200 IMG 0584 300x200 IMG 0585 300x200 IMG 0588 300x200 IMG 0589 300x200 IMG 0590 300x200 IMG 0591 300x200 IMG 0592 300x200 IMG 0593 300x200 IMG 0600 300x200 Attended Clive Lee Cosplay seminar. kinda fun. Let’s build Gunpla Head  >_<IMG 0607 300x200 IMG 0617 300x200 IMG 0619 300x200


C2AGE RAVE 2014 - afterthough
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