Friday, May 16, 2014

C2AGE RAVE 2014 - afterthough

C2AGE, the abbreviation of Cosplay, Comics, Anime and Games Exhibition. RAVE  (Radicalizing Anime Via Entertainment.) was the theme for 2014 event, it’s organized by HELP University at metro mall pudu branch.

I was invited to the event for the first time, bringing in the gunpla builder community (Pla-zone and SFTPMS) to spice up the exhibition, as i know i don’t have enough works to display such big area, got 6 banquet table for my booth.

special project 300x225

SFTPMS (Selangor and Federal Territory Platic Modelling Society), join this community for about 6 years i think, it’s one of the community that i learn my fundamental knowledge and skills, the member are more diverse scale modeler, consist of sci-fi, gunpla, tank, airplane, ship etc. Their objective is to promote scale model hobby, and there will more join-venture project in future. Here’s some info of the society, , forums

Pla-zone, established around 2011/2012, promote not only gunpla, but other scale model as well. Most of the members are active in gunpla event in Malaysia.  Here is the forums,

sponsors 300x225

I was asked to conduct a class/workshop for gunpla in the mean time sponsor some kits to attract the participants. This is the first time i have a solo workshop, which kinda freak me, was very nervous throughout the class, but glad i make it icon smile

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Photo of me during the class, and lucky draw (for giving the prize away). Photo courtesy to Piscean works.

Enjoyed the team work between Pla-zone (Lim Sherman, Renny, Jonathan, Raymond, Mr Engineer, etc), SFTPMS (Harman Zulkifli, Chow Hock Lee), and some young friends (yee siang and Justin),  hope to work with you guys again.

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Beside my team, i like to sent my gratitude to other groups, the Macross Fans Malaysia, Transmy, Dragon Sim, etc. Keep in contact and thanks for the updates guys  :)

Here are attraction on the event.

IMG 0524 300x200 IMG 0525 300x200 IMG 0526 300x200 IMG 0527 300x200 IMG 0528 300x200 IMG 0529 300x200 IMG 0530 300x200 IMG 0531 300x200 IMG 0532 200x300 IMG 0533 200x300 IMG 0534 300x200 IMG 0535 300x200 IMG 0536 300x200 IMG 0537 300x200 IMG 0538 200x300 IMG 0539 200x300 IMG 0540 200x300 IMG 0541 200x300 IMG 0542 200x300 IMG 0543 200x300 IMG 0544 200x300 IMG 0549 200x300 IMG 0550 200x300 IMG 0558 300x200 IMG 0559 300x200 IMG 0576 300x200 IMG 0582 300x200 IMG 0583 300x200 IMG 0584 300x200 IMG 0585 300x200 IMG 0588 300x200 IMG 0589 300x200 IMG 0590 300x200 IMG 0591 300x200 IMG 0592 300x200 IMG 0593 300x200 IMG 0600 300x200 Attended Clive Lee Cosplay seminar. kinda fun. Let’s build Gunpla Head  >_<IMG 0607 300x200 IMG 0617 300x200 IMG 0619 300x200


C2AGE RAVE 2014 - afterthough

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