Thursday, May 1, 2014

Toyota Hilux - a priceless commission.

Request from a friend behalf of Children’s Wish Society Malaysia  to build Aoshima’s Toyota Hilux for a kid, After they failed to get the die cast version.

It’s good thing that Aoshima quality is good, else i would have no time to sleep. I have only 2 days to build.

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The 2 door version have clean mold, no need to clean mold lines and flash. Painted with custom mix orange, and fix the water slide decal.body 225x300 Monotone interior, spend couple of hours just to mask it.interior 225x300 Not that lucky with this kit. It’s older mold, with obvious mold lines and flash, need to sand through whole kits.

blue hilux 225x300 Lazy to setup the photo backdrop, sleep for 2-3 hours only. Here is some simple photo of the build, i skip some steps, panel line, compound. Not up to standard build, i do wish it bring happiness and blessing to the child who wish for it.hilux 02 300x225 hilux01 300x225 hilux03 300x225 hilux04 300x225 It did bring some tears while i building these cars. Life can be so fragile, and innocent.

Appreciate life and love one. God bless.


Toyota Hilux - a priceless commission.

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