Monday, June 9, 2014

75 years of Batman at Pavillion KL

Went to Pavillion for movie, might as well drop by the display and celebration of 75th anniversary of Batman. Not really a big fans of Batman himself, but i like Batmobile. Just like what Batman say, chicks love the cars. :p
batman01 300x200

batman02 300x200

The wall of milestone.batman03 200x300

1:1 scale of Batpod and Batman.
batman04 300x200

batman05 300x200

batman06 300x200

batman07 200x300

batman08 200x300

batman09 200x300

batman10 200x300

Mask shown in 1989 Batman (left), Batman and Robin (right).batman11 300x200

batman12 300x200

batman13 300x200

batman14 200x300

batman15 200x300

batman16 300x200

batman17 300x200

batman18 300x200

batman19 300x200

batman20 300x200

batman21 300x200

batman22 200x300

batman23 300x200

batman24 200x300

batman25 200x300

Here is the model kits i have, still hunting for some. Wish to build a batcave and display these kits in it.batman26 300x200

75 years of Batman at Pavillion KL

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